Licence No.
MFS-LA/ RF - 0391
MFS-LA/ D - 0427

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Sayyed Fire System is leading company for Design , Supply , Installation , Testing, Commisioning Engineering and Services of Fire Fighting and Security System in Mumbai, Navi Mumbai, India. Our products are put through a series of tests to qualify for the Indian standard of fire safety norms. We offer a wide range of products like Fire fighting system, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Hydrant System, Fire Extinguisher, Fire Alarm System & security system, so that our dedicated team collaborates with leading manufacturers around the world.Our portfolio of product and services are used to safe gurad fire fighter's prevent fires, deter thieves and protect people and property.

We are specialized in fire safety company in Mumbai, We provide quality work for all types like a Commercial, Residential, offices, Building etc. Our employees are knowledgeable and dedicated, and are required to be self-motivated problem solvers who are trained and educated in their fields of endeavor. They are team players who share the long range vision of the company.

  •  Our mission is to provide desirable levels of quality and service to our clients by pursuing ethical, innovative, competitive business practices. As an organization our focus is to achieve healthy and profitable growth by setting a new standard in the industry. One of uncompromising quality as a way of life, to be achieved by every individual and as a team. 
  •  To strive for the utmost level of customer satisfaction by delivering the finest quality products and services in fire protection business.
  •  To develop new strategies and plans based on customer driven philosophy for gaining competitive advantage.
  •  To persistently improve Sayyed Fire System service quality by considering firmly our customers and employees input.  Strive to provide best and advanced national and international certified Product range.
  •  To gradually adapt environment sensitive approaches in our products and services to reduce pollution and maintain our ecological balance.

  • Vision

  • To combine knowledge, process expertise, technology, resources, ... So as to lead everywhere that we compete, deliver on our promises and contribute to sustainable growth.
  • Designing


    At SFS our design specialists work closely with the Clients to develop a system Read More

    Project Managing

    Project Managing

    At SFS our staff of specialized project managers Read More

    Professional Specialists

    Professional specialists

    At SFS we have Dedicated Experienced Staff of professionals Read More

    Safe Work

    Safe work

    At SFS we believe in SAFETY FIRST AND ALWAYS & follows safety inductions Read More

    Eco System


    We at SFS care for the Environment and the Ecological System Our vision is Read More



    We at SFS have successfully taken up and completed job all across India Read More

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